About Ann Woodley


Certified Professional Coach

In 2016 Ann took a training course from the Life Coach Institute of Orange County (California) and was certified as a Professional Coach (with the designation "C.C."--Certified Coach). She also has spent a great deal of time researching the psychological and leadership traits and skills that help professionals succeed, and has taught many courses in emotional intelligence.  Her coaching assistance can include more traditional goal-setting and accountability, resume' and cover letter review, mock interviews, etc.--as well as the more personal aspects of achieving success (e.g. confidence, grit, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, etc.). (Hourly rates vary based on stage of career.)


Ann is a cum laude graduate of Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, Arizona State University, and a summa cum laude graduate of the University of Arizona (with a double-major in Political Science and Journalism). In addition to her law professor career (described below), she has been a federal district court law clerk, an employment and commercial litigator in the Washington, D.C. office of a large, national law firm, and the Litigation Section Chief for the Civil Rights Division of the Arizona Attorney General's Office.  Ann is admitted to practice in 4 states (AZ, CA, D.C., OH).

Law Professor

Ann has been a law professor at three different law schools for more than two decades.  She has taught Civil Procedure, Pretrial Practice, Introduction to Civil Litigation (a combination of Torts and Civil Procedure), Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Mediation, Mediation Advocacy, Interviewing and Counseling, Employment Discrimination, and Constitutional Law II (Individual Rights).  She has spent many hours advising her students on all aspects of law school and career success, and has put on workshops about the personal aspects of success as well.  Ann has taught, and written about, law school teaching as well.

Civil Procedure Expert

Ann has been teaching Civil Procedure (and Pretrial Practice) for many years (in addition to her practical experience with it as a judicial clerk, litigator, and Litigation Section Chief), and it is a subject she loves!  She also wrote a book about it entitled "Litigating in Federal Court: A Guide to the Rules" (Carolina Academic Press, 2nd ed., 2014). Ann also has made a number of CLE presentations on Civil Procedure- and litigation-related topics.


Attorney Ann Woodley is by far the most helpful and compassionate attorney I know.  As a law student of hers for 3 years, I can, without hesitation, say that Ann Woodley is not only a more than competent attorney who works avidly for her clients, but she also cares about the person, not just the client.  These are two intangible traits every attorney should have and Ann Woodley has them instinctively.  I highly recommend Ann Woodley for any future legal needs. --Daniel Fulce

Professor Woodley was my coach from the first to the last day of law school.  She taught me how to master my personal life and law school at the same time.  She encouraged me to not be afraid to share my thoughts in class and during her office hours.  Most importantly, she taught me to look at both sides of everything in life whether it was a law school argument or being overwhelmed in life. --Raoaa Edmon

Ann Woodley has a passion and natural talent for her amazing ability to mediate others through tough situations.  As one of her past law students, I have witnessed first-hand her knack for inspiring students and also being the voice of reason.  I can confidently say that she had a huge impact on my law school experience and her ability to coach, inspire and counsel others is undeniable.  Get ready for the Power Pose! -- Alexis Paddock

"One small crack does not mean you are broken. It means that you were put to the test and didn't fall apart." (Linda Poindexter).  As a law student, I can tell you we are trained to see the bad in things and be critical of ourselves and the world we live in.  I speak from my own experience when I say that life is incredibly hard and when you add the pressure of trying to be the best in your law school class or determined to make a professor proud, it can become incredibly overwhelming.  That intense feeling coupled with a bad test grade or the inability to grasp a concept can make life as a student seem daunting.  For students, this feeling can make them quit, feel like a failure, or push them to try even harder.  I felt like I was not good enough; I felt like I would fail.  But then I met Ann Woodley.  She was the first professor at my school to make me feel like I was worth anything.  Not only is she the most honest, loyal, and humble person I have ever met, she possesses the extraordinary ability to make a student feel like any goal is achievable. She inspired me to be better every single day because she is brilliant, and she consistently goes out of her way to make the lives of others more manageable.  Ann Woodley helped me see the good in the world, and she made it clear that life is not nearly as hard as we think it is.  She saved my life, and because of her I now know that I am not broken and the world is not nearly as bad as I thought it was.

 --Haylee Bowlin

Professor Woodley is the most influential professor I have had the pleasure of being taught by.  She is an inspirational mediator who really cares about everyone she is working with.  Professor Woodley is a considerate, amiable, ambitious attorney/advocate/teacher who has taught me more than I thought I was capable of learning.  When she puts her mind and heart into any task she surpasses any obstacle with a smile on her face.  Professor Woodley has really been a big inspiration to not just me but a great many students and young attorneys and has helped mold so many young minds.  It has been an honor and a pleasure being taught by Professor Ann Woodley and there are not enough ways for me to express my gratitude.  Thank you again Professor.

 --Devin Izenberg

Leading by example, Ann Woodley shows her students how to be optimistic and look for solutions when a problem arises.  She offers practical advice based on her experience and shows her students the overall application of each concept she teaches. --Lydia Matteoni

Professor Woodley was a very pertinent component of my success in law school. Not only was she always available academically almost around the clock, she served as a personal mentor throughout my time in law school and into my first clerkship.  Ann Woodley was a great asset to me and I look forward to continuing to look to her for professional assistance in the future! --Victoria Uebele

Ann Woodley was my law professor from the Fall of 2016 to the Spring of 2018.  She also was my academic advisor during my time in law school.  Ann Woodley has the conviction and sincerity that is needed in complex and trying situations. It was her counsel and guidance that provided me with the perseverance to complete my first year of law school successfully.  I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Professor Woodley and look forward to working with her as a colleague in the future. 

--Mariah Poole

Ann was my professor and I had her for multiple law school courses.  She took me under her wing in my first year and really helped me with making some of the difficult decisions throughout law school.  Law school is tough, and having someone like Ann to bounce ideas off of and to give you advice is a huge asset and makes the process much easier.  Ann gives a unique perspective as someone who has served as a professor, a dean, and a mentor to many law students. 

--Cory Keith

I have had the privilege of getting to know Ann Woodley both professionally and personally during my last two semesters of law school and my only regret is that I did not take more classes from this amazing person.  Ms. Woodley is a very intelligent and dedicated individual who possesses the necessary skills to coach, teach, and inspire any law student or young lawyer who is highly interested in learning and improving.  Ms. Woodley was a true pleasure to have as a professor, and I have no doubt that she would be an incredible asset to anyone. 

--Ryan Nick Hernandez

Professor Ann Woodley is a professor one can count on.  As her former student, I can testify that she is kind, and she can motivate and inspire even the laziest of all students with her words of counsel.  She was always ready to leave all she was doing at a moment's notice to give a listening ear and the needed help to any student who came knocking at her door.  Her motherly heart understood what we were struggling with  and her encouraging words were offered to support us all the way.  It was her motivational words that she put on the board every day of my year one class in civil litigation that helped me through that first stressful year in law school. I recommend her to any young lawyer who needs a mentor, a counselor, a coach, a teacher, or a trainer.  She will remain my mentor, my model, and my advisor in this legal journey of ours. God bless Professor Ann Woodley. --Sister Chy-Chy Ezeh

Professor Woodley was an amazing teacher and a great mentor at school. She was very personable and I felt like I could approach her about anything. I never felt embarrassed or ashamed to ask for help. I appreciated how I could bring her hypos and essays and she would walk me through the analysis so I could see where I had gone wrong and what I had done right. I would recommend Professor Woodley to anyone looking to get a leg up in law school or to anyone looking for legal or career advice.

--Jonathan Gennari 

Professor Woodley is an excellent teacher who possesses the rare ability to make complicated subjects easily understood. Her preparation, combined with a strong passion for the law, allows her to connect with her students to achieve a common goal. --Ryne Jones

Professor Woodley made herself available to every student and was transparent regarding what was expected from us--which is crucial in order for students to grow as future lawyers. There is a reason why Professor Woodley won Professor of the Year multiple times; her commitment to her students to ensure their success is, and always will be, her main priority. I highly recommend that any person in the legal field choose Professor Woodley as their mentor/coach. --Kurt Fernandez


I have had the pleasure of being in Professor Woodley's courses three times. As a public school teacher myself, I can attest to her skills and talents as an educator. She not only teaches content, but also provides many tips and tricks to retain the information. She also provides many opportunities to apply what was learned. I would highly recommend Professor Woodley to anyone who wants to understand the law better.     --Liz Lindblom

I was fortunate to find myself with a professor who was an exceptional instructor, coach, and mentor.  I had the pleasure of not only being in Professor Woodley's Civil Procedure and Pretrial Practice classes, but I also benefited from her coaching as part of the Moot court team.  Professor Woodley is an authentic person.  There is no pretense. She is a genuinely warm and professional coach who intermixes legal instruction with real-life experiences, topical news, and a "we are all in this together" sense of humor.  This does not mean that she teaches in a non-rigorous way; it is to point out that she can take complex legal instruction and provide the student with the framework and methodology that, when followed and practiced, leads to mastery of the subject area.  Professor Woodley's interactive style of teaching and sense of humor would leave us engaged in the material and smiling, knowing we had been taught valuable new material. I highly recommend Professor Woodley to anyone seeking an inspiring coach, mentor, or teacher. --Raz Ali'varius

I feel fortunate to have been a student of Professor Ann Woodley, as I have appreciated her thorough explanations, creative examples, and encouraging words.  She understands how people can be motivated to excel, and she provides the support to guide people on a productive path. Professor Ann Woodley's coaching provides a balance of instructing with useful information and caring for each student's well-being.  --Melissa Read

Ann Woodley has an effective and unique approach in providing legal education and counseling.  Ann Woodley gives her students the advice and feedback essential to mastering complex legal concepts and developing the skills required to work in the legal profession. Simply put, Ann Woodley’s coaching will help law students and young lawyers alike to develop and refine their abilities to be successful in any area of the legal profession.  --Darren J. Haarstad


Professor Woodley easily adapts her teaching style to different learning styles and needs of students, and she is very good at explaining a topic in different ways to better help students understand.  --Jennifer Reilly  

Your future looks brighter under the direction of Ann Woodley!  If you are debating whether this is the route to go let me reassure you hiring Ann is a great decision. She is passionate about her students and the material she presents. In my experience I have met few teachers who take such pride in making sure that their students learn, succeed and enjoy the subject matter. She reaches many different learning styles with her variety of approaches to the material and above all she cares. Signing up with her company will bring you one step closer to success!"  --Iisha Graves