challenges come with life as a law student or a lawyer...

but they don't have to stop you from a successful, fulfilling legal career! Do you need an experienced strategic legal guide?

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what makes law career coaching different?

Having more than 30 years of legal experience, as well as knowledge about many of the personal aspects of success, I offer a comprehensive approach to law students and lawyers to guide them in reaching personal, academic, and professional success.  

Most law students or lawyers have some type of challenge that could potentially impact their ability to move forward without getting a little help--and I have experience assisting with virtually every kind of challenge there   is in this field.


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Let me discover what challenge you're facing in your legal education or career.



Get a customized strategy for overcoming your challenge and moving your life forward.



Work on the steps to overcome your challenge, with the help and accountability of a strategic guide.

Ann E. Woodley, J.D., C.C.



I care deeply about helping you become the best version of yourself in your law school or  legal career.  Whether you are having difficulties in law school, studying for the bar, looking for an internship/externship/clerkship, seeking your first full-time legal position, succeeding in your current position, or wanting to make a career transition,  I will be your coach, a source of  support, and your accountability partner.


About Me

I am a lawyer, a long-time law professor, and a certified professional coach who has taught and mentored thousands of students. I also have practiced law in a number of different  settings and have a comprehensive view of what it is like to become a law student, succeed in law school and on the bar exam, and find satisfaction in your practice.  If you could use help in any of these areas, please call or e-mail me today!

"Simply put, Ann Woodley's coaching will help law students and young lawyers alike to develop and refine their abilities to be successful in any area of the legal profession." -- Darren J. Haarstad

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